The vice president for United States of America , H. E Harris Kamala arrived in the republic of Ghana for three days tour. H. E Harris Kamala met the president of the republic of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwa to have a talk concerning LGBTQ+ criminalization in the country.

Nana Addo disclosed to H . E Kamala that, the LGBTQ+ bill ( a bill to criminalized LGBTQ in Ghana) hasn’t been passed yet and it’s before the Parliament of which he assured Harris Kamala that he will comes in later to protect the right of the LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

However most of the populace in Ghana were not welcomed by the response from the H. E Nana Addo. Many has raised concerns against his response , LGBTQ+is known in Ghana as a crime and threat to religion as well as traditions of the land.

The right Honourable speaker of Parliament ,Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has put His Excellency the president of Ghana Nana Addo to his rightful position on matter about the LGBTQ+bill before Parliament. According to Mr. sparker ” The bill will be passed. This is the word to his Excellency the president. There’s no way you can intervene. That answer he gave that it is now before Parliament and that when it gets to a stage he comes in “.

He continue by saying ” This is legislation , this is not execution. Wait until we pass it and then we direct you to execute it. Let’s get this clear . Once this bill is here , he is not in charge, I am in charge.”

Again , Mr. Speaker added that, Harris comment is undemocratic and unprofessional. He asked “What is democracy? That somebody else should have to dictate to me what is good and what is bad? Because we’ve decided to devalue ourselves and go abegging for our indebted loans to be forgiven?”

I am concluding that, why did this same people who are forcing as to accept LGBTQ which is against God’s Order criminalize polygamy as a crime but telling us that LGBTQ+ is a human right?.

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