Every job has it own culture and boundaries which guide and protect the very people working within a specific field. Job description gives you an idea about what is expected of you as enrolled nurse on the ward / unit.

Job Title : Enrolled Nurse
Grade : Enrolled Nurse

Every Enrolled nurse is expected to follow this job description to guide him or her in rendering the best ever care to the patient on the ward or unit. Remember following this job description will help you to be in your lane and to avoid any court suit . Many nurses are facing the law because of medical negligence and not sticking to their job description. Don’t do more than what your job description tells you. It’s only your description that can save you as enrolled nurse. Stick to your job description please.

 Assist the patient with feeding, drinking, ambulating, grooming, toileting, dressing,
and unit specific technical skills.
 Safely administer prescribed medication and monitor the effects
 Collect, report and document data related to direct patient care activities and ensure
that documentation is accurate and up to date.
 Educate patients and relatives where appropriate.
 Assist with manual handling and transferring of patients in compliance with the hospital policy

 Participate in the ward rounds
 Carry out other official duties assigned by the Ward Manager/Unit In-Charge
Communication and Working relationships
 Maintain effective communication with colleagues, patients/ clients and visitors.
 Attend meetings as required in connection with the nursing care.
 Attend and contribute at general staff meetings
 Effectively work in a team with other health workers.
Personal and People Development
 Attend in-service training to upgrade skills and knowledge to provide quality care to
 Monitor own performance against agreed objectives and standards.
 Participate in the training of Health Care Assistants, student nurses and other learners .

Remember once again, it’s your job description that can save you from facing the law. Don’t do more than what your job description is expected of you please.