Job Title : Staff Nurse
Grade: Staff Nurse
Responsible To : Ward/Unit Manager
Accountable To : Head of Nursing

Job main goal for Staff Nurse.

To provide professional nursing care to patients by contributing to the assessment,planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care to improve health outcomes.

Main Duties and Responsibilities of a staff Nurse.
 Undertake assessment, planning and implementation of interventions for addressing patient care problems.
 Evaluate patient responses to interventions and modify plans as needed.
 Undertake and demonstrate nursing tasks in the best interest of patient care and professional standards. These include:
o Washing and bathing
o Bed Making
o Elimination including catheterisation, bowel and stoma care
o Feeding e.g. oral, nasogastric or parenteral feeding and ensuring adequate
nutritional intake for patients in liaison with the dietician.
o Obtaining specimens e.g. bodily fluids, wound swabs, blood.
o Administration of drugs e.g. oral, intravenous, subcutaneous, rectal and
topical and monitoring of effects.
o Simple and complex dressings.
o Monitoring of vital signs (Pause, temperature, BP, respiration)
o Demonstrate an enquiring approach towards patient care.

 Read reports and take note of critical cases, do chart rounds and ensure treatmenthas been given.
 Participate in the ward rounds
 Assist with manual handling and transferring of patients in compliance with the
hospital policy
 Maintain a safe and therapeutic patient care environment
 Undertake the last offices for deceased patients and give relevant information to
 Advise on the promotion of health and prevention of illness, teaching patients and
their relatives where appropriate
 Assist the Ward Manger/ Unit In-Charge in promoting the right of patients/clients and
maintaining the privacy and dignity of clients/patients and staff
 Perform other official duties assigned by the Ward Manager/Unit In-Charge
Communication and Working relationships
 Maintain effective communication with colleagues, clients/patients and visitors in the ward/unit.

 Discuss treatment/management of condition with patient and relatives where
applicable and encourage them to ask questions.
 Attend meetings as required in connection with the nursing care.
 Attend and contribute at general staff meetings.
Personal and People Development
 Develop and maintain continuing personal and professional development to meet thechanging demands in the area of nursing care.
 Monitor own performance against agreed objectives.
 Participate in the facilitative supervision of Health Care Assistants, students and
other junior staff in the ward/unit and teach such staff.
 Participate in the induction of new staff in the ward/unit.
 Participate in the development and implementation of education programmes for
patients, their families and others about post discharge care programs
 Keep log of own performance and in-service training log for purposes of appraisal.

Health Safety Responsibilities
 Adhere to the health and safety policies, guidelines/protocols (eg. the use of
personal protective clothing/equipment
 Take care of own safety and take all measures to ensure the safety of the patient,relatives and staff – reporting all accidents, risk assessments and incidents, completing relevant documentation and undertake further investigation as directed.
 Assist the Ward Manager/Unit in-Charge to maintain a safe, clean, pleasant and
therapeutic environment taking remedial action when necessary.

Quality Assurance
 Comply with the GHS quality assurance policy and guidelines and work within the
prescribed quality standards for the nursing care.
Further Information
 The post holder must at all times:
o Work in accordance with the GHS/NMC Code of Professional Conduct and
Disciplinary Procedure.
o Strictly adhere to the provisions of the Patient’s Charter.
o Participate in National Health Programmes
This job description is intended as a guide to the principal duties and responsibilities for the post and should not be considered an exhaustive list. It is subject to change in line with future development of the service