A Nigerian popular slay Queen called shilla sent her nude photos into the booking email of the Unique music plus signee Kobby Oxy . 

Slay Queen shilla.

It was alleged that ,she has been sending these photo’s to the booking mail of many artist just to draw their attention or to Fraud them anyway.

In the recent pictures received from her by Kobby Oxy, she was badly seeking for relationship from Kobby Oxy claiming that, she has been following Kobby Oxy from day one. She again claimed that, she has been the promotor in Nigeria for Kobby Oxy.

Pictures of slay Queen shilla.

Shilla then told Kobby Oxy to understand her attitude because, patapaa got her girlfriend through same means. She was sending the nude pictures out of love.

In an open interview with Kobby Oxy, he was ask of the reasons why he exposed the pictures of the slay Queen shilla . Kobby Oxy admitted that the girl just want to Fraud him and he want everyone to know her , should in case anyone recieved pictures as such from her , the person should be careful .

He again said, he will not Love to have anything to do with her. He has alot of slay Queens around him.


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