The medical Doctor and a TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful 21 contestant Dr.Setor Abra Norgbe has addressed the nation as well as her fans on the current state of the Covid-19.


Dr.Setor said, there has been a spike in the Covid-19 weekly recordings which means that the disease has taken its grounds again, and if we really want to fight it, it’s important to consider the Covid-19 protocols at all settings. She indicated that, wearing of mask, washing of hands, social distancing and other measures are the weapons to fight this pandemic.

She again advise the public , each and everyone should make a bold step to get vaccinated against the Covid-19. “Covid-19 is real , Covid-19 is deadly” , she said.

Statistics on Ghana current covid-19

In addition to her address, Dr.setor urged all Ghanaians to support her as she continues her journey in this year’s TV3 reality show ” Ghana Most Beautiful”.

According to Dr.setor, voting and hashtagging is most important to her as it will help retain her in the competition. She entreats all to vote for her by dialing *713*13# then select setor ( number 15) and vote. vote as many as you can. On social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), kindly do this hashtag ( #setorgmb21) .

She promised to bring you a better performance on stage this and every Sunday of her journey on your number one TV Reality show “Ghana Most Beautiful” on TV3.

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