The 2022 world cup which would be happening in Qatar is one of the best event to expect . This football game is aiming at bringing the world together under one umbrella irrespective of the world economic crisis.

One of the things that always makes the world cup so fun is the presence of African teams. Africa is one of the continent where the people within , gives heart to support their own and cheers their teams up in the course of the game.

We can not talk about Africa in world cup football game where we will excludes music , it’s not possible. Africans always makes the world so fun through music ( Jama and traditional music) .

Every World cup season, musicians in every country Within the map of Africa who is participating in the game composes songs for their beloved team and country to team up the spirit of their players. This year’s game would be so exceptional full of fun and music.

As long as Ghana Black stars as a team is taking part of the 2022 world cup in Qatar, music will surely gears the path for Ghanaians at large. Many artists have released couple of songs for Ghana Black stars team .

Group of Young talented Ghanaian artists has contributed massively with a very nice song towards this year’s game for Ghana Black stars team. Without exaggerating, this song gets the best vibes and it’s the best song for Ghana at large. I would recommend this song to all Ghanaians to download and stream. The song is entitled” Oseeye Ghana”. Below are the links to the streaming platforms.

This song was compose by Groowii, and performed by Bee Bryt, Money Bwoy, Dream Ferg, Bol3Ro, Edd’s, K Bryt and Naomi Gold. This song was produce by Groowii. Each artist on this song did very good on the song .