John Dramani Mahama’s office was shocked to learn that armed robbers attacked another passenger car on Tamale Buipe Road, resulting in the murder of an international journalist, Syed Taaley Ahmed.


According to news reports, the slain journalist worked with London-based MTA International staff to produce a documentary in the country assessing peace and security in Ghana when he tragically passed away. After the death of your loved one, we wish to express our condolences to his family and to MTA International. A reporter who was filming a documentary on peace and security died in a robbery on the highway, which is really ironic, it has become a symptom of the violent crime that currently plagues our country.

Currently, the rampant criminal activities of armed assailants in the northern region of the country are of great concern as they are rapidly becoming a daily incident. In recent years, these armed robbers have been brave, not only intimidating road users at night, but also during the day. Infact, just days after this tragic incident, according to press reports, armed robbers attacked motorists on the Bolgatanga Walewale road in broad daylight and stole all of their valuables.


During President Mahama’s recent visit to five northern regions of the country to thank the people for their support for the 2020 elections, he met with bosses, stakeholders, opinion leaders and religious leaders who mentioned that insecurity on the roadis the key One of the concerns. President Mahama hopes to make an additional call on the government to urgently resolve the troubling development. No one could have imagined that the reporter’s tragic death would happen so quickly.

We have also noticed that despite the lack of adequate logistical support to fight crime, the morale of many of our police personnel is low, but the Ghanaian Police Force is still one of the best police forces in Africa. If you get all the support, you can ensure our roads and Safety. Ensure the safety of all of us.


Therefore, “we call on the Akufo Addo,Bawumia government to take urgent action to resolve the deteriorating security situation in the country so that our people can safely carry out their daily activities”.” Our hearts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of the deceased. May God heal all those injured in these attacks.”

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