Blogging is a decent job that has been in the system for long. It has provided livelihood for many people across the world and has reduced the unemployment rate as well.

In today’s blogging, a lot of bloggers especially from Africa have twisted the game. It seems the main focus on blogging has taken a different direction. Many bloggers have been following the negatives aspect of blogging. Their focus has been on quick trending because they says there is a statement that goes like”negatives sells faster”.

Some Bloggers have forgotten that there is a need to be consistent with positive content as negative content doesn’t last. The positive content is what has made few bloggers in the game of blogging more relevant in the system.

Kobby kyei is one of the most decent bloggers we have in the world. Kobby kyei is world known celebrity blogger . As a young blogger, I began to research about the main key factor that keeps making blogger like kobby kyei very relevant in the game of blogging, l noticed that he has not been following the negative vibes but he focus on the positive content which has won the heart of many readers and this has increaseed his following on social media platforms.

The second factor is all about branding. Kobby kyei doesn’t joke with branding. He realizes that blogging can take him far and trust me he has built his brand in a way that, his children can inherit and continue with the blogging even if he is no more. To read more about his brand, visit and follow him on all social media platforms.

My wish is that, all bloggers will take another look into blogging especially in Africa and learn something from kobby kyei. I will like to take this opportunity to encourage kobby kyei to keep doing a good job as some bloggers like me haven’t finished learning. We are polishing till we get shine.

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