Blogging is one of the best part of me as a individual. I developed passion for blogging in 2017 but was doing it below bar.

I decided to take the blogging work serious to make an impact in the society, so I thought it wise to change my style of blogging . Fortunate for me, I met kobby kyie sometime ago and gave me advise on the impact my style of blogging will have on others or bring a change to the society. He nurture me deep into positive content writing and publishing. I remembered he said to me ” don’t follow the negative stories , polish till you shine”.

Kobby kyei is one of the most decent bloggers we have in the world. Kobby kyei is world known celebrity blogger . As a young blogger, I began to research about the main key factor that keeps making blogger like kobby kyei very relevant in the game of blogging, l noticed that, he has not been following the negative vibes but he focused on the positive content which has won the heart of many readers and this has increaseed his following on social media platforms.

The first person to benefited from my blogging in the society directly was kobby Oxy. He was an upcoming artist who needed the exposure to sell out his God given talent to the world. Through my work , he got the needed exposure of which he gets featured by main stream Artists like Yaa Jackson ( omo Beka) , Article wan and More.

Kobby oxy

Through kobby kyie, I was able to showcase Rap krachie to world of which sarkodie made a public post of him on his Twitter handle years back. Rap krachie never stop there, he works hard and join the TV3 talented kidz reality show and became first runner up during his time . This also gave Rap krachie a chance to feature main stream artist like strongman and kwaku Flick.

Rap krachie

I have come to the realization that my blogging has added a value to my followers and some individuals in the society. I considered myself to be part of the first 20 influencial bloggers in Ghana and I’m hoping to get world wide recognition.

Learning from kobby kyie have been beneficial to me and my followers as well. Big thanks to you Blogger kobby kyei. I’m still polishing till I shine.