Rev.obofour( left) , Bro Sammy (right)

There has been a circulating story about the nation worshipper Brother Sammy and Rev. Obofour of the Anointed palace chapel.

In an interview with Brother Sammy on Richghana TV hosted by Agoro Papa , Brother Sammy made a clear statement on the allegations raised against him and Rev. Obofour, he stated that ,they are not into any occultic group but rather working towards the order of the Good Lord we all know.

In the interview, he was ask if he has any spiritual connection with Rev.Obofour and he clearly answered yes but not what we thought. Rev Obofour is a true man of God .

He was again asked about the money Rev Obofour displayed at the launching of his new album called “Aduro bia nka Dem” as it sign a signal of him being initiated into the spiritual occultic group. Brother Sammy made it clear that it was just love that the Rev shown him and nothing beyond that.

Brother Sammy talks about how Christians are behaving this days. He said Christians are too quick to judge every single step of man. Even if God bless a young man and he becomes successful in life, we don’t attribute it to God but rather occult. Christians has thrown away the glory of God and attributing success to Satan. To Christians anything successful does not attribute to God that’s why Christians are living in a stream poverty.

Brother Sammy took the opportunity to advise every single individual to stop criticism over success of the young people and support them in prayers.

Watch the interview on Richghana TV with Brother Sammy

Bro Sammy talks about the allegations on occultism.

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