you  have been wondering about ways you can used to earn money online, you even thought of scamming !, didn’t you ? . Don’t ever think of that , just read this article to the end and you will be happy on how l started earning income online

Let me tell you  a story of my life .l have been unemployed for more than two years after my tertiary education,, l nearly killed myself because of unemployment issues in my country. But glory be to god for saving my life , one day a friend introduce online business to me and it has been so go to me  which l wanna introduce it to you. share to your friends after reading don’t be selfish.

Blogging has Change my life , l started as part-time job but now it pays better than monthly salary which l could have get from my profession . Due to this l have take it upon my self to do full time blogging. now I’m a proud entrepreneur.

You are thinking of your computer literacy right?., Don’t worry about that ,blogging does not requires computer skills .l started with no computer skills but WordPress  has provides me with all the features l needed as a beginner.

Hope you ready to start blogging, let me take you through the process.

All you need is a website ,

wordpress is platform which has been designed to help people who don’t really have a computer skills  to able to blog easily directly from their phone.,and also have affordable plans as well as free plan. if you want to make money easy on your blog you have to choose wordpress as a place to build your website. WordPress has a free plan to start your blogging but you cannot earn any income on free wordpress plan , but if you want to earn income within the first month , l will advice you to purchase premium or business plan to be able to monetize your site and start making money. click on this link to get started

Let create a WordPress site ( your own site)

To create your website on wordpress,you have to write down a unique name which will look nice and easy to be remember for your audience ( exp: or

choose your WordPress plan , in choosing a WordPress plan, you have to consider a plan which can help you make money ( premium or business plan)  . This plans have unique features which makes your site to look nice and also allows you to monetize it. but wordpress personal plan and free plan are not allowed to be monetize.

Pick you plan fill out the form for application and submit it ..makes sure you already have an active email working.

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