Rap krachie who became the first round up of 2021 talented kidz reality show on TV3 has set a record straight by hooking up two famous kumerican artists on his new single.

Rap krachie is a young rapper who started rapping at the age of 6 years and got sign onto a record label called unique music plus. He got posted on Instagram by Sarkodie in 2019 after he succeeded rapping Sarkodie’s song head to toe within the first 2 hours after the song was release.

After Rap krachie got posted by sarkodie, he never sleeps there, he actually found interest in his talent and decided to work on it too become a super star in the future. Rap krachie first released an introduction song with the Title “Rap krachie”. This video below talks about himself and his forces to enter the mainstream.

Rap krachie- rap official

After he releases that song, he worked hard and secured strongman on another song called ” Rap”. This song hit almost 90k youtube views. This is to let you know that, his talent is unique. Krachie did these projects before he went for 2021 talented kids show on TV3 .

After the Talented kids program, Rap krachie did not rest at all. He took a bold step to recruits two kumerican superstars namely Kwaku Flick and Black sheriff on a song called “Against ” . Krachie posted a hint of his yet-to-release on Instagram, go and check it out.