What’s TuneCore All About?


We believe that an artist’s success is not defined by a label. Independence is the new music industry.

Our goal is to provide artists equal access to digital music distribution and global publishing administration. No barriers should prevent you from getting your music heard and available to buy, and you shouldn’t have to give up your rights or royalties along the way.

TuneCore Music Distribution puts your music in the most popular digital stores around the world, like iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and more.When your music is sold or streamed, you receive 100% of your distribution sales revenue, and we’ll provide detailed sales reports so you can see exactly where that money came from.

You keep 100% of your rights. We’ll also help you out along the way with promotional tips and ideas to get your music out there.

With TuneCore Publishing Administration,we claim and collect the money from your publishing royalties across the globe. We register your songs with hundreds of societies digital stores worldwide around the world and help you collect the songwriting money owed to you.

It’s our job to help you get your music into the world so your fans can discover and buy it, and we’ll make sure you get all the money your music earns.

Ready to get started now? Just follow these steps:

  1. Create your TuneCore account. It’s free and easy!
  2. Create your album, single or ringtone (or all three!) 

    You may have some formatting questions as you’re creating your release. Make sure you check out our new TuneCore Style Guide.
  3. Once you’ve completed all of the steps required in creating your release, you’re ready for distribution. As soon as you complete checkout, we’ll review your content and then send your music to the stores you selected. 

    How long does it take for my music to go live in stores?
  4. When your music reaches the stores, your fans can start buying it, and that means you make money. Through TuneCore Distribution you’ll receive 100% of the money from your music sales. 

    When will I get my sales?
  5. We put 100% of the sales reported by the stores into your TuneCore account, plus detailed sales reports that show you where the money came from. Once the money’s there, you’re free to withdraw it as you wish. 
  6. Learn more about sales reporting.
  7. TuneCore Publishing Administration helps songwriters collect money owed to them from the downloads and streams of their music across the globe. We electronically register your songs with hundreds of societies and digital stores worldwide, collect the songwriting money owed to you, on your behalf, and pay you directly. 

    Learn more about the additional royalties you earn as a songwriter.

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