Empress Gifty has fired back at those who have been criticizing her for her lifestyle on social media.The Ghanaian Gospel singer is frequently chastised for her lifestyle and the content she creates for social media.

Empress Gifty, according to some people on social media, does not live the life of a gospel musician . She has been chastised for enhancing her body and dressing in what some describe as ungodly or seductive clothes.

Empress Gifty recently set tongues wagging with a video of her flaunting her body and teasing other women who wear waist trainers.

In an interview with Citi TV, the Gospel singer stated that she has people in her life who call her to order, so she does not need advice from phony people on social media. “One person who does that is my husband, and then my mum and my pastor. They understand me very well,” she said.“Maybe people get a little bit confused with the way I approach issues, but that is me, that is my character. I need not fake it; I am a real person… I’m not Holy Spirit, I am not Holy Ghost, I am a human being. As you get orgasm I also get orgasm (laughs).

I want you guys to know that I am a human being. As a gospel musician, I have feelings,” she continued.When how she deals with the negative comments, she explained saying:“I don’t respond to critics. You see, I just want them to do the right thing. You take my content, anything you see out there is my content so when you take it, put respect on it because creativity isn’t easy…don’t disrespect my content.