Time flies over us but leaves it shadow behind. In his time we are all lost. We are not just faced by the corruption, topsy-turvy economy, galamsey etc. of President Akufo Addo and his NPP government but a silent media.

A media that has since failed to tackle corruption, unemployment, and illegal mining as a serious national problem that needs to be dealt with.

One of the worse hinderance to our nations progress may not be the perpetrators, corrupt officials in governance, bribery, tribalism, religion or whatsoever but a silent media that has failed to serve as a pressure group and serves it purpose.

We are today cursed with a media that only dines with high tables, begs for contracts from corrupt government like the NPP and are silenced with a slice of the stolen cake.

The beauty of time is present. Nothing is better than now, Anyone who enjoys and proper utlise the present will never regret the past, and it is good not to talk about the future. So lets talk about now, lets stand against the illegal mining, corruption, and get rich overnight mentality of those in the NPP government, job for our family and friends only mentality.