Central Region of Ghana have been known for increased in teenage pregnancy rate for some period now as mentioned by Ghana health service.

I took a look at what could be the major cause of teenage pregnancy , could be it peer influence, poor parental care, lack of sex education ?. Yes , these could be factors leading to increasing rate of teenage pregnancy. However, what could lead to poor parental care and peer influence ? Have we thought of it that there could be a trigger factor leading to poor parenting and peer influence?

It is of great obvious that, economic hardship is the major cause of the poor parenting and peer influence which at the end leads to teenage pregnancy. The state of which mother Ghana’s economy has been Hospitalized by our leaders, if something doesn’t change , our economy will not recover from it comatose state. The economic hardship has made all parents weak and unable to control their children because of inability to provide whatever they need especially sanitary pads for their monthly menstrual flow.

Menstrual flow is a normal monthly cycle for girls and women which they aren’t the cause of it. It’s of great responsibility of the gender ministry and ministry of health to ensure that sanitary pads are free and if not for free, it cost should be the lowest commodity on the market.

In a post made by Ghana’s most renowned blogger, kobby kyie , he indicated that his tour to most villages has observed that, most of the young ladies can’t afford sanitary pads leaving them with no option than to use the unsafe methods such use of old clothes and toilet roll when they are having their monthly menstrual flow. Other ladies indicated that, they are forced to sleep with men prior to their monthly menstrual flow in order to get some money to purchase sanitary pads. He stated, “we’re in a country where some basic things are unattended. We can’t provide Free or less affordable sanitary pads for young girls? Let’s not play politics with everything”

With this and many other factors are the main cause of teenage pregnancy in central region and Ghana as a country.

It’s high time we the youth stands on the toes of our leaders to put them to action . It’s time to bring them to the right path else they will fool us and finally kill us. Let’s not play politics here.

Government should bring back free sanitary pads if not for all , school children should have it for free every month.

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