Quotation ( Ephesians 6:13-18)

As a Christian, you are a warrior as we don’t battle against flesh and blood but the principalities of world, rulers of darkness and spirits of high places.

It is therefore important to prepare for battle everyday as a Christian. in order to be victorious, one must put on the “Armour Of God ” .
Armour Of God is the spiritual garment putting on when one is ready for war. This garment is made up of helmet , shield, sandals , sword ,belt and breastplate.
above mentioned items are physical weapons for war, however because christians don’t war against flesh and blood ( physical), we must wear the Armour Of God which is the spiritual garment.

In order to get the spiritual garment ( armour of God) , one must put on the Breastplate of righteousness. when a Christian becomes righteous,he or she has spiritually put on the garment of breastplate to protect him/her from evils.

You need to be truthful at all time . when a Christian becomes truthful , he/she spiritually has put on the belt of firmness on the battle grounds.

A good Christian have salvation. hence a warrior must put on the helmet of salvation to protect him/her against principalities.

A good Christian must always be ready to battle since we don’t battle against flesh and blood but the principalities of the darkness. therefore there’s a need to put on the sandals of readiness at all time.
The feet is ready to preach the gospel at all times to defend Jesus and to bring glory to His name

A good warrior don’t do without shield, as a Christian, you need to put on the shield of faith. Faith will help you protect yourself from the arrows of the devil.

Finally, a good warrior always strikes with sword. as a Christian, you must strike with the spiritual sword: that’s the word of God. which means that when ever you are going through something in life , the word of God is your sword to strike with by quoating from the Bible.

In summary, before we can achieve the greatness of God in our lives we must be prepared as warriors and fight well to be victorious irrespective of the battle ahead of us . God will surely answers our prayer request with God heart. Amen and stay blessed.

Prepared by ATM Blogger through the direction of the most high God. Amen.