“Great things he has done ” is the song Dede is singing as God has provided the needed support for her to be part of the grand finalists for this year’s Miss Malaika. She extends her thanks to all her fans who have been voting for her to reach the finals.

Miss Malaika contestants have gone through tough and low times but few were able to get to the final. Dede is one of the finalists who worked hard for it and I believe she is going to take the crown home.

Dede promised an extraordinary performance in the grand finale. She would give out her best to succeed the crown .

Per Dede’s previous performance ,everything shows that she has all it takes to win the crown, but she can only achieve this by taking the voting lead.

Kindly vote for Dede by dialing *711*20# , enter 22 as her code .

The program is happening at the Grand Arena on 12/11/22 and it’s open to all.
Please note that all the past queens will be there and it’s the Emerald Season because Miss Malaika Pagent is celebrating it’s 20 years of existence. So don’t miss it.