Trading Binance Options is straightforward and intuitive, all you need to do is:

  • Go to Binance Options and click [Register Now] to open an Options account
  • [Transfer] funds to your Options Wallet
  • Select the underlying asset you would like to trade
  • Choose between [Call] and [Put] Options to open a position 
  • Input [Price], [Amount], select [Order Type], and click [Buy]

It’s that simple!


Binance Options aims to simplify Options trading thanks to its intuitive design. The high liquidity that characterizes Binance is also reflected in our new Options Platform, guaranteeing that buy and sell orders are executed without slippage. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry for retail and institutional investors by reducing transaction costs to offer one of the lowest Options trading fees in the market.    

So feel free to speculate on short-term price movements or hedge to reduce risk exposure in underlying assets with Binance Options .