EPIXODE is a music icon of which he is known for Dancehall music. Epixode music has seen a great peak this year with his #Atia song which features top high life ( Hi-life) artist called kwabena Kwabena .

With the rendition of #Atia , Epixode has touched many Fans which called for a challenge on social media especially on Facebook. He has gained massive support from Fans for his Brand on this particular song.

I strongly believe that, Epixode is preparing another banger for his fans across the globe because this is the only way he can contain to stay in the game irrespective of what the new school artists are doing. I believe in consistency, he should be releasing tough songs for souls consumption. I calls him the new messiah and the alter of the game of music because I know for sure , as long as he holds the baton, he will surely takes us ( Africa) far. Don’t change the narrative about you, Epixode.

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Source: Richghanaonline