Are you a fan of Tourism or thinking of having fun outside your usual environment? , Think no further than visiting the world most classic tourist city called Dubai . This dream can only be achievable with Moula Travel And Tour .

Moula Travel And Tour set to take you on a tour in Dubai this year and beyond. This Tour seek to capture the following most attracted Tourist sites in Dubai.

  • Dubai Desert Safari
  • Atlantic Water Park
  • Dubai Frame
  • Dubai City Tour
  • Dubai Night Clubs
  • Global village and many more attractive sites in Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai

Dessert Safari Dubai

Escape the busy city life for a while and enjoy the brilliance of the barren lands of the Dubai desert with our desert safari tours. Taking you to the Majestic desert of Dubai in the evening and day which is the best time to explore the desert as the deserts start to cool to welcome the moonlight, we’ll show you the best of the desert life like no other.

Start your evening desert safari tour by hopping on the comfortable land cruiser we’ve arranged for you and drive off to the desert to enjoy an unforgettable day and evening desert safari tour in Dubai. Ride in the Lahbab desert to experience a thriller sand dune bashing session where you can drive over the dunes super-fast as the windscreen get cloudy with sand. Next, go on an adventurous ride through the desert exploring the gold sand landscape.

Enjoy a magical sunset overlooking the glowing sand dunes in gold and capture some sunset moments with your lens to cherish the memory forever. For adventurous souls who seek more adventures, you can get on a sandboard to slide over the sand dunes splashing sand in the air.

Try riding a camel across the desert like real desert men and pose for a special photo shoot dressed in traditional Arabic clothes or any cloth of your choice.

After all the action and adventures, enjoy a relaxing time tasting dates and traditional tea. The tour also features activities like Henna painting, Belly dance, Tanura dance and fire dance shows giving you opportunities to not just to see but also to feel the traditions and the lifestyle of the desert. Enjoy the video below.

The Dubai Mall

This downtown mall is known for luxury stores like Cartier and Harry Winston. It also has an aquarium, ice rink, and 360-degree views of the city from the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame  is an architectural landmark in Zabeel ParkDubai. It holds the record for the largest frame in the world. Whilst described by The Guardian newspaper as “the biggest picture frame on the planet”, it is controversial as the architect describes it as the “biggest stolen building of all time.” But irrespective of what the designer says, you need to join Moula Travel And Tour in this year Dubai Trip to experience the best Frame.

Global Village.

Global Village

Global Village is one of Dubai’s most popular evening entertainment destinations. A combination of festival and theme park staged on the edges of Dubai, it opens yearly between November and April and takes visitors on a virtual world tour with replica international architecture, cultural zones, food pavilions, shows, rides, and markets.

Global Village is exactly what it sounds like. An outrightly extravagant event featuring food, attractions, shopping avenues, and much more, the event brings the world together in a way no other event can. Self described as the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project, Global Village Dubai attracts over 5 million visitors every year! What’s especially great about it is that it features 27 pavilions that represent more than 75 countries with different cultures.

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