It is clear that healthcare providers in Africa has no security within and outside the working field. There is a big challenge in security system in general in the African countries.

The most important aspect of security system which this article is going to focus on is the healthcare insecurity. The health care providers are the second God when it comes to life saving. Therefore if government wants to improve on healthcare system, one major factor I will advise the government to Include is security of the healthcare providers because,a lot of healthcare providers encounters numerous of insecurity challenges in one way or the other at their work places .


Hospitals in Africa especially within the rural communities and some part of the urban cities are the threat to security issues affecting the healthcare providers.

In ghana for instance, it’s clear that healthcare providers are taking care of almost 85% illiterate citizens and 15% literates. This actually makes it very difficult for clients and their relatives to understand the value and protocols governing any health care facility.

The annoying aspects is that, the health facilities within and around rural communities are mostly at risk to insecurity . The people within these communities has been attacking and abusing the health care providers in so many ways but no one seems to talk about it and find out what can be done about it. Every Hospital have visiting hours of which they permit patients relatives to pay visit to their patients. When visiting hour is over that’s where someone will come in with excuses to be allow to pay visit to their family member( patient). If a nurse try to stop such person from entering the ward, trouble will vibrate that very moment. Nurses working at rural communities will admit to this.

The biggest question I always ask myself is that, “who supposed to provide the needed security for these health workers“?. Is it the government, the hospital management or the health workers themselves. I’m asking this because, in some facilities there are no security personnels assigned to the main wards of the hospital. This makes it easier for rude and insane people to have access to the wards and attacks these health workers while on duty.

If it’s the government responsibility to provide security at the various health facilities then they have failed and if it is the responsibility of the hospital management then it’s a big shame to the various hospital management.

The bitter part in Africa security service is that they always wait for something to happen before they take the necessary action. The health care providers don’t want it to happen before any action will be taken.

A friend of mine nearly got stabbed by patient relative at work place after he instructed him to wait outside the ward after patient relatives visited the hospital after visiting hours.

Another instance has to do with a female nurse who went for afternoon shift and was attacked by robbers on the way home of which they nearly rape her.

In conclusion, There are many factors that if government put into consideration will help to reduce insecurity in the healthcare sector.

Government should build apartment for nurses within the hospital or close to the hospital. This will enable the nurses to work harder

There should be more security men at the various hospital wards to enable law enforcement at the hospital.

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