According to the reigning artiste of the year at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, he was very headstrong when he joined the record label for his first year because he wanted to go on his own path.

Speaking in a Twitter Space interview with @OleleSalvador, the “Golden Boy” crooner intimated that he had wanted to stick to his R&B style of music when he joined the record label and despite his management’s advice to switch things up, he was very stubborn at that.

“I was very stubborn when I joined Lynx because I had wanted to do my R&B, I mean those that know me from way back because I dey see my body Chris Brown I dey feel sey I go fit sing pass Chris Brown and that’s the path I wanted to be on so I wasn’t taking advice, I wasn’t taking coaching“, he said.

However, he realized at some point in time of his music career that sticking to the R&B genre will only earn him admiration on the microblogging platform Twitter but will never help him achieve that success he seeks in his music career, hence he needed to heed to the advice of his management and experiment his sounds.

He further laments that , He wants to set a very big record that nobody has ever set before in the music industry world wide. ” I’m working hard to break Michael Jackson’s record before I stop music” , he said.

@atmblogger1 made some article about Kidi sometimes ago when kidi made the “Touch it Remixed ” with Tyga. He indicated that Kidi style of singing and branding is targeting to overcomes Michael Jackson record in music. If you haven’t read it click here.