Having the audacity to inspire Hope is a daunting task and a step in the right direction.

Leaders carry with them huge responsibilities of harnessing the aspirations of their people and giving their people the energy that it is possible to achieve alot together.

I have closely followed the campaign of Mr. Robert Kutin Jnr and the system he has deployed in executing his re-election bid.

The System appears to be very solid with explicit and workable strategies he has developed for his Thematic Areas.


The Inspire Hope Thematic Area has the most interesting strategies ever seen in any electioneering campaign within Central Region in recent years.

“…to reach out to everyone regardless of intra-party affiliations”

“…new paths, new direction to be charted “

“…to solidify our Party base”

These are clear and people-centered strategies that has been carefully thought through and critics of this selfless Chairman have been awe-struck.

It’s only a matter of time that the Region will witness the execution of these strategies and the benefits thereof would be clear for all to see.

One thing I have also noticed and I know many others have seen same is the opportunity that his Thematic Areas offer us. It presents to us the Key Performance Indicators for us to measure his administration.

This is simply heavy-loaded and unprecedented.

Indeed, that’s the way to go .

Leaders’ performances must be measured and Chairman Robert Kutin Jnr has once again offered the Central Region the opportunity to measure his next administration : evidence-based leadership.


It is against this background that I humbly urge all delegates to feel inspired by Chairman Kutin’s Hope inspirations.

But of course, others will have their opinions. Opinions I believe would be free from malice.

This is Kutin. This is Robert.

This is Junior the Chairman who is well placed to take Central Region to the next level.

Carpe diem.