An international conference speaker and author Grace Quarshie who wrote “I Kissed My Job Goodbye ” Book won the best woman in stature global awards which was held in Dubai this year.

She is a possibility coach and helps African Women monetize their expertise, write and speak by sharing their stories to create global impact.

She has trained over 500 women to experience this through her coaching framework. From being a laid-off employee, broke and struggling young woman, Grace’s resilience and determination have inspired a lot of women worldwide not to give up on themselves despite what they go through in life but to discover their uniqueness, overcome their fears and be who God has called them to be.

Grace is on a mission to inspire and empower African women across the globe to overcome self-sabotage, stopping them from taking steps to create  global visibility  in their business, career and personal lives.
She has been featured on Prime Radio and Television Shows, speaking on beginning an entrepreneurial journey, transformation, resilience, and restoration.
An award winner of the Woman of Stature Global Awards 2022 in Coaching and Mentoring

She is passionate about helping women experience growth and seeing tangible results in their businesses and lives.

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