Ghana is one of the Africa countries which gained independence with visionary leadership in the year 1957.

After Independence, the first president was the only president Ghanaians can boost for development. I’m talking about Dr. Kwame Nkrumah . After his administration left power, none of the government who took over the country shows any signs of development plan for the country growth.

Ghana is one of the blessed countries in the world of which it natural resources forms about 78% of the world resources for development yet there’s no development in Ghana . Ghana is bless with Cocoa, Timber, Bauxite, Diamond, Gold, oil ctc.

To make Ghana well developed, it needs strong and powerful leadership who have the spirit to develop the country of which Ghana is lacking such leadership. Every single politician in Ghana is aiming at extorting money from the country’s account.

It’s a time for Ghanaians to fight for the best for the country. There should be a complete National Agenda which would tell the politicians what to do for the citizens when voted into power. When there’s a national agenda, political parties don’t need to campaign with their false messages which has brought to us nothing but dome.

Ghana can rise again from the grave of poverty and become well developed in less than a decade if only we have a national agenda for development and economic growth. Rwanda is doing well, l believes Ghana can do better.

In my view, planning a national agenda should not be done at parliamentary level but by a complete consultation of all stakeholders and citizens vote to ensure transparency at all levels.

In conclusion , if we don’t fight for national agenda before next election (2024 election), we should prepare to see more hardship than what we’re seeing now. The politicians would continue their criminal acts and sell the country.

Thanks for reading, please kindly leave a comment your thoughts about this agenda. Your contribution will help save the country.