Michael Jackson as we know has been one of the past musicians who laid down a solid legacy for himself. Even in his absence , his music still goes viral with complete positive impact on the society and his fans.

Ever since Michael Jackson died, we have not had one artist to replace him . There are many artists we all know they are doing well but none of them have ever attained where Michael Jackson left us.

Couple of the artists are doing the best to Change the narrative in the music industry globally .

Kidi is one of the young vibrant artists I know is working hard to break records set by Michael Jackson in the music industry. Most of the songs released from the camp of Kidi do meets international standards and are recognized globally.

In his recent remix with Tyga on his “Touch it” song clearly indicated that, Kidi has the potential to replace Michael Jackson in no time. Kidi’s focus in music is more than what we have seen.

I strongly believe that, Kidi will be that artist who will make alot of people to forget Michael Jackson with his music.

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