Denkyira, major 17th-century kingdom of the southern Akan peoples, situated in the forested hinterland of modern Ghana’s southwestern coast. According to tradition, its kings migrated from the area of the northern Akan or Brong. By the end of the 17th century they had conquered the Twifo and the Akan subjects of Axim (to the south), had taken over the rich gold-bearing districts of Wassa and Aowin (to the west), and had established their dominion over Elmina Castle—the wealthiest market on the Gold Coast.Date: 1601 – 1700Key People: 

The desire to control the major extractive areas of the gold-mining industry brought Denkyera into conflict with the Asante, against whom it waged a series of ultimately unsuccessful wars between 1699 and 1701. After Denkyera’s final defeat, many chiefs recognized the authority of the Asante king Osei Tutu—by whom they were incorporated into the Kumasi division of his kingdom—while others, moving south of Denkyera’s ancient capital Abankeseso, retained their national identity but acknowledged the Asante’s overlordship.


The Fante Confederacy is not made up of only traditional Fante states but there are non traditional fante states like Denkyira, Assin and Twifo.

Denkyira was and is still a powerful state that existed from the 1500’s in what is now modern-day Ghana. Before 1620, Denkyira was called Agona. The ruler of the Denkyira is called Denkyirahene and their traditional capital is Jukwaa (A town not far from Efutu township in Cape Coast)

Later, the capital was moved to Dunkwa-on-Offin by the late Boa-Amponsem III. Notable towns of Denkyira state are Dunkwa-On-Offin, Kekyewere, Jukwa, Ayanfuri, Diaso etc.

Asante was subject and tributary to Denkyira Kingdom until 1701, when with the help of Okomfo Anokye, the Asante (which includes people from Denkyira and other tribes) defeated Denkyira at the Battle of Feyiase. This was led by Ntim Gyakari the then Denkyirahene. This war resulted to a migration of some Denkyira people to settle around Kakumdo township in Cape Coast.

In 1868 Denkyira joined the Fante Confederacy to form a union with other states to establish a nation. Before the Confederacy, Nana Kwadwo Tibu I, the Denkyriahene at that time joined other Chiefs of the Confederacy to sign the Bond of 1844. Nana Boa-Amponsem II, the Denkyirahene at that time was in command of leading the Confederacy to war with the Dutch at Elmina. During his time, the Confederacy attacked Elmina and the Castle which was the capital of Dutch Gold Coast.

Nana Boa-Amponsem III was the longest serving Chief in the Central Region (1955 – 2016) and was also the longest serving President of the Central Region House of Chiefs. He was highly respected by the House of Chiefs and all residents and natives of the Region.