It was a glamorous and exciting moment at the end of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant experienced by the finalists. The journey was not easy at all but these Beautiful Queens made it a memorable one.

On the 9th week of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Contestants were given the privilege to talk about the topic ONE AFRICA. Each of these contestants did their selection base on their choice or interest. Guess what, Dr.Setor took the whole show to Ethiopia.

She displayed perfectly well the Culture and Tradition of Ethiopia. Everything about her that very night did explore the culture and Tradition of Ethiopia from costume to performance. Dr. Setor won the most eloquent performer that night. She gained much respect and admiration from the people of Ethiopia of which they took the joy to social media with praises of comments.

Doctor Setor Abra Norgbe became the first runner-up at the end of this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful and as part of her thanksgiving tour, Dr.setor took a very respectful step to the Ethiopia Embassy of Ghana .

Dr.setor met the current Ethiopian Ambassador H.E Hadera Abera Admassu on the 12th of October 2021 at the Ethiopia Embassy and expressed her gratitude to the Ethiopians through the Ambassador for their support and love for her during the competition. She posted on her Twitter handle expressing how delightful she was to have been supported by the Ethiopians and Ghanaians

Dr. Setor again expressed gratitude to the people of Volta region for their endless support, prayers, and encouragement during the competition. She finally says thank you to each and everyone who voted for her.