Ghana’s Most Beautiful comes to an end, and the fate of the six finalists have been determined.

Setor representing the Volta region took the second position as GMB 2021’s first runner up. When the show ends, many Ghanaians were not happy with the GMB21 board at all. It was obvious that, Sarfoa doesn’t deserve to be crowned as the winner if they actually follows the criteria behind the show which includes performmance,voting and judges score.

GMB 2021 Final: Are you joining the Dr Setor Mental Health Awareness Campaign?
Setor (Volta region)

when it comes to performance Sarfoa has not been consistent as compared to Setor and Manu.

when it comes to accumulated vote, Sarfoa is no where near these two ladies as well as judges scores.

Western region’s Manu came third place as GMB 2021’s second runner up which everybody knows that the crown supposed to be given to her ( Manu) or setor.

GMB 2021 Final: Manu captivates patrons advocating for security awareness
Manu (Western region)

TV3 actually don’t awards who deserves it but rather their choice. This has been their norm since the previous programs and it’s clear that, even when Sarfoa doesn’t performs well they complemented her well than the others who did well.

Frankly, this is from experience l had during this year’s talented kids show where Rap Krachies’s position was switched from the winner to first Runner up.