After the late man of God, Prophet TB Joshua died, his cburch has never been under a good condition. There have been various disagreements being reported from the church.

Some members are said to be opposed his wife, Evelyn Joshua, being ordained as the new head. They said the late founder wanted one of the disciples (his fellow pastors) he had appointed to follow them.

They said the law had been ignored by a few people who allegedly prevented roadblocks with the church’ s progress. The board of trustees named Evelyn as the new leader of the Lagos- based church earlier this month. The church has stated on Facebook that its activities will be carried out under God’ s direction and under the direction of Evelyn.

The church also requested from its members and followers to pray for her as she shifted to her new position. On the other hand, members of the congregation from the Global Congress of Synagogue Members have issued a statement expressing concern about the appointment of Evelyn as its new leader.

Evelyn Joshua had claimed that a congregation of 2, 000 members nominate her, according to the group.

” This is so abnormal. Where was the meeting? Was it because of the vote of yes? Was it the result of the election? Was it the ‘ anointing’ of 2, 000 members?

The group also claimed that the late founder’ s wife had never been anointed to follow him, and even accused her of plotting to make a profit for all parts of the church.

Members and partners of the church, as well as Emmanuel TV, have told Nigerian newsmaker The Punch that after the founder’ s death, some people were planning to demolish it.

Members and partners of the church and Emmanuel TV in Akure, Ondo State, have reportedly separated from the organization, according to the letter.

” The esteemed congressional party and its so- called members of Akure are well known. None of us, real members and colleagues, have ever met with this respected group called GCSM and its members in a number of church programs and activities held at the Akure or Lagos church hall 20 years ago, ” reporting from Punch News!

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