Some few months ago, rumors were circulating on all social media platforms about a split of relationship between the New school leader of the Ghana music industry Andy Osei Sarfo well known in the showbiz as Kweku Flick and his management BKC music Limited.

The BKC music Limited management has come out with a press release which indicates that, kweku Flick has renewed his contract with the Record label for another phase of his career under the management of BKC music.

According to his manager Mr.Asante Michael, All legal business should be channel through BKC Music management, however, if any business concerning the brand Kweku Flick does not pass through the management , It is considered as illegal and non-mutual. BKC music Is the sole and legal team behind Kwaku Flick’s brand.

Currently, Kwaku Flick is working on a debut EP whose title and release date will be communicated to the public in no time.