To possess a power of speech in the area of melodies and tunes is no easy feat, and that is why Setor’s articulateness and fluency deserved to be honoured with the Most Eloquent award. 

Setor, Volta regions’ representation, came dressed in the sombre black and red colours with pieces of white cloth tied on her head and wrist. But this powerful look was only for the entrance as she explained its significance for the night.

Setor – Volta region

“When it comes to music and dance, I can proudly say that the Volta region is none but the best. Tonight I came in with the Adavu, the hunter’s drum also called the warrior’s dance. I am clad in the warrior’s dress which I chose to depict my fierce determination to carry on irrespective of the circumstances.

“I further went on to greet my judges and the audience with the Zigi. It is on record that the Volta region has over 32 drum genres, and this includes the atsia, the agahu, the agbadza and, of course, on display today my bɔbɔɔbɔ troupe,” she continued.

Setor – Volta region

This was concluded with a hearty display of the famous bɔbɔɔbɔ dance, which involves shaking and twisting the waist in rapid energetic moves. 

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Setor – Volta region