Every Artist is working hard to gain fame and make money from their talent. This has not been easy for some artists because of specific problems they don’t value or don’t give attention to.

Many artists have been in the game for decades, but are not relevant in the industry. They gave chance to arrogant to lead them. They don’t value their fans or the very old folks who have been supporting them from scratch. The most important thing in the music industry or any business venture is the “client Centered “.

What Is Client-Centric?

Client-centric, also known as customer-centric, is a strategy and a culture of doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer, and by doing so builds brand loyalty. Client-centric businesses ensure that the customer is at the center of a business’s philosophy, operations, or ideas. Client-centric businesses believe that their clients are the primary reason that they exist, and they use every means at their disposal to keep the client satisfied

There are so many ways in making client-centric a successful one. The most important ones in the entertainment industry is communications and better production of projects.

Dax is a Nigeria-Canadian Rapper who released his first single “One Dance” on 1st September 2016 and this song was a remix by Drake. This song paved way for his successful journey.

Just 5 years in the game, Dax has released over 100 songs and they are all relevant in the industry. Dax couldn’t have reached this far if he didn’t give respect to client-centric ( communications with his fans).

One very vital key of communication Dax often approach is replying to almost every single comment and tag on social media. I personally have observed countless times that Dax reply to comments. He does not care how many comments are awaiting him under his social media post, he replies almost all of them. This approach has really helped him to build a very fast-growing fanbase and this has helped him in marketing his music.

Dax is five years old in the music industry but he has been able to maintain his ground because he respects and values his clients ( fans). I would love to entreat all artists to apply this in their journey of musical career.

Dax took it to Facebook to celebrate his 5 years in the music industry. “It’s OFFICIALLY BEEN 5 YEARS since I started making music. Sep 1. 2016 I dropped my 1st song. It was a remix to Drakes “One Dance”. Since that day I’ve dropped over 100+ music videos independently. What I’ve learned is that time is subjective and you can accomplish amazing things in this life with passion, energy and MOST importantly FOCUS. Do more than you’re paid for and eventually you’ll be paid for more than you do. Thank you. WE ARE THE LABEL! Can’t wait to show you what’s nex”,he wrote.

Another miracle working artist is Shatta Wale . Shatta Wale is a ghana based versatile Dancehall artist. Shatta doesn’t joke with his fans. He always communicates with his fans just to maintain them in order to market his songs and projects to them. This post below tells how shatta wale values his fans ( clients).

Shatta Wale is a global artist, his hard work has earned him the biggest fanbase in the world. A fanbase has been set up In sierra Loene which was launched on the 29th August 2021 ahead of his GOG Album. Shatta wale is the GOAT of dancehall music in Africa.

Shatta Wale

In ssummary, Dax and Shatta Wale has been given respect to clients centric and it has really helped them. I, therefore, entrants all artists to learn and practice it. Thanks for reading. Your comments are warmly welcome.