The head pastor and chairman of Gilgal Pentecostal prayer ministry has gotten married for the second time. Apostle Anarfi Kwateng is a powerful man of God who has been working towards the journey to heaven and has been a father to all in terms of prayers and healings. He establishedhis Church in Dunkwa offin, Central region of Ghana and now have many branches overseas .

He was a Pentecost Elder and has stridden out of the church to established his own church after he was maltreated and prevented from using the anointing given to him by God to perform miracles in the church of Pentecost.

Apostle Anarfi Kwateng got married to his first wife (Mrs. Comfort Anarfi Kwateng ) and had 5 strong children of which they are all men.

Apostle Anarfi kwateng and Mrs Comfort Anarfi kwateng.

They were having a fruitful family until death came and took Mrs. Comfort Anarfi Kwateng Away. Sadly, it was a terrible moment for the family and the entire Church. Mrs. Comfort Anarfi was a very good loving mother to all, she has been supportive towards her husband’s mission in all settings.

One year later, the angels of heaven took Apostle Anarfi Kwateng to another promise land of love. Apostle finds another wonderful woman whom he dwells in his companionship.

Most importantly, the color tone has been changed from dark-to-dark to dark-to-fair ( just kidding 😁😁😁). Apostle has already had a taste of a dark skin woman in his first episode, the second episode has a fair colored woman of which the combination from dark-to-dark changes to dark-to-fair.

Second wife of the Apostle Anarfi Kwateng

There is a controversial question circulating in town concerning the new wife of Apostle Anarfi kwateng. Almost everybody is asking the same question, can she stands the holy grounds of the Church looking at her fashion status?.

The Gilgal Pentecostal Church members especially the women don’t wear makeup, artificial hair, and many kinds of stuff she portrayed in her first appearance or impression to the church. Would she adopt the church doctrine or the church doctrine would be changed to suit her?.

Apostle Anarfi kwateng would need a supportive prayer to cushion him in his new marriage journey .stay bless.

Astonish pictures from the wedding are below in slides

Link to the Thanksgiving service of marriage ceremony

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