The multipurpose prison financed and built by the Pentecostal Church in Ejura, Ashanti region, has been commissioned and handed over to the Ghana Prison Authority.

The facility is described as a unique facility in the country and its construction cost is 3,297,139.81GHS. The fully equipped three-story dormitory building accommodates 300 inmates. It also includes an administrative area, a chapel that functions as a classroom, a soccer field, a baptistery, modern bathrooms, mechanical drilling, offices, medical rooms, workshops and other auxiliary.

Co-commissioned by Ambrose Dery, Minister of the Interior, the President of the Pentecostal Church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye and Chief of Ejura Barima Osei Hwedie II.

Apostle Eric Nyamekye

At an event on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, president of the church, said that the construction of the facility was inspired by the agenda of the “nationally owned” church.He explained that in Nsawam, Obuasi and Damango, three similar prison facilities are being built in different stages of completion, all of which are funded by the church, to cooperate with the government to alleviate congestion in national prison facilities and provide inmates. with skills to better integrate them into society after they have served their sentence and have been released.

As part of the Church’s vision for 2023 and in keeping with the worldwide belief that the prison system of all countries must be transformed from punitive (retaliation) to corrective (reform), we plan to support the Ghana Prison Administration in the fulfillment of its mission mainly to reform Our doomed brothers and sisters, they had to meet there for some reason. “When the 2023 vision for the church was developed in 2018, the Ghana Prison Authority was heavily overcrowded in prison facilities across the country. Statistics available at the time indicated that the number of prisoners was 14,855 and the maximum capacity .The authorized number of prisoners was 9,875, which exceeded more than 50% of normal capacity. As of April 2021, a total of 13,081 inmates live in a facility with a capacity for 9,945 inmates.

Among those who began working in this building in May 2019 , I believe that Being able to do a good job Experience the practical meaning of reformation or conversion, and the full meaning of God’s love for God through Jesus Christ. “According to Apostle Eric Nyamekye, although the church has considerable deficiencies and challenges in its infrastructure, the challenge for the church’s construction and mission is Hebrews 13: 3, which inspires the church to continue building and completing the facilities. In some parts of the building is inscribed “Keep remembering those who are in prison, just as you are with them in prison, and those who are mistreated, just as you yourself are suffering.

The president also spoke about the many interventions provided by the church, such as building police stations, providing mechanical drilling in rural communities,community clinics, the environmental movement to clean up Ghana, and training the skills and livelihoods of its members in the last two years as their change of life and their training for livelihood. Part of the vision of society.

He assured the kind people of Ghana that the Pentecostal Church will continue to cooperate with the government and entrust its mission to the citizens, just as it has been for many years. He said, after all, this is the essence of the love of Christ. .

All humanity,Secretary Ambrose Dery was overwhelmed by the actions of the Pentecostal Church andcommended the church leadership for their vision and generosity. “By building this magnificent prison, the Pentecostal Church demonstrated that the gospel is a living word. Christ hates sin but loves sinners.” He said: “I am very happy that this prison has been specially built according to specifications and equipped with a workshop, which will promote the transformation of prisoners in society.” According to him, the vision of the Pentecostal Church is in line with the government, because the government is committed to ensuring that Ghana’s prison services have the capacity to become a world-class center of reform.