A 23-year-old illegal miner, Satar Salifu, was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Wa Circuit Court for his involvement in a robbery. The prosecutor, the senior nationalprosecutor and lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur said that the defendant worked with a colleague currently on the run in Du, Wa East district. He said the two passed the complainant with an unregistered motorcycle on April 1, 2018.

The complainantnt was an information technology expert and pointed a handgun at him, ordering him to hand over all valuables, including his mobile phone . They threatened to shoot him if he did not obey their orders. Fearing his life, the complaint took everything from his pocket, including his black Samsung Z2 smartphone, worth 350.00 Gdirhams, some ID cards and 960.00 Gits in cash, and handed them over to the first defendant.

The robbers then flew away. He said the complainant soon arrived at the police station to report the case. The defendant later replaced Simcard and began making calls on his cell phone. With the help of the phone tracker app on the stolen phone, the police were able to monitor the phone calls made by the defendant through his wife. She was later tracked down and arrested, which resulted in the defendant being arrested as well. When the defendant was asked about the plaintiff’s phonenumber, the defendant’s father, who knew about the robbery, handed the phone over to the police.

He explained that he had recovered it from his son, the defendant. When Satar Salifu was asked to lead the police to arrest the second defendant, he pretended not to know where to find him. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the robbery and the case entered a full trial stage. Judge Baah Forson Agyapong stated in his ruling that armed robbery cases in the region and across the country are on the rise, and the court need not ignore it. Therefore, the sentence is necessary to deter all criminals and their elements.

According to him, during the three-year trial, Mr. Salif has been been proving to the court that it was not he who robbed the complainant with a pistol. However, the complainant pointed him out and insisted: “He was not wearing a headscarf, so when a passing car struck the scene and illuminated them for about five minutes, he saw his face.” Therefore, Judge Baah Forson found the defendant guilty of theft in his ruling.

The defendant’sattorney, Speratus Ongoh, asked the court to treat his client leniently because he was the first offender and had elderly parents. Judge Adjapong sentenced him to 20 years in prison. At the same time, Detective Corporal Sheila Oble, who played a key role in the case, was praised for her thoroughness and wisdom, which helped the prosecution prove her case. After Judge Forson recommended her for a promotion, the Body Detective was transferred to the CID at Dansoman Station in Accra.

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