The Republic of Ghana after exiting the International Monetary Fund in the year 2018 has made a U-turn into the IMF deal.

The International Monetary Fund is a global fund zone that supports deprived countries in the world. It also assists such countries with tightening policies.

IMF has released some money to support most poorest countries in sub-Sahara Africa of which Ghana is included.

The allocation happened as a result of collapsing of the economy as some African countries took a bold step to go back to the international monetary fund ( IMF) for support irrespective of the terms and conditions involved.

The IMF releases funds to support the following countries m

Ghana previous involvement in the international monetary Fund’s deal led to increasing unemployment in the country, this is because the police didn’t allow President Mahama government to employ Ghanaians in various work settings with reason being that Ghana government can’t pay it workers If new recruitment takes place.

on the 23rd of August 2021, Ghana received one billion US dollars from IMF to cushion the economy.

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