The Ghana Police Department arrested a popular soccer player and sportscaster in Sunyani named Richard Gyamfi, commonly known as a “fireman” for alleged murder. Police searched his room and found three severed heads in his refrigerator. Mr. Thomas Agyei confirmed the news to Sunyani Sky FM. He was the father of one of the victims. He explained that the footballer reportedly pulled his 13-year-old son Louis Agyemang Junior from a soccer match in Sunyani. Abesim. ” He took the boy to his room and killed him. The twins have left to go to the park to train.

At night, the effort to locate the boy was in vain. One of his friends named Tweneboa told his parents that they saw him in the company of the sports commentator and footballplayer “Fire Man”. When they approached him, he totally denied seeing the boy. This makes the parents somewhat suspicious, because Tweneboa still insists that the two take a walk together in the afternoon. When I visited Sportscaster’s House I saw that one of the doors was locked. Upon questioning, he explained that the room key was lost.

Angry parents rounded up some ” town boys” and broke into the room, only to find that the body of the young Louis Ajman had been chopped off and fell to the ground in cold blood. Before he was handed over to the Sunyani Abesim police, the local boy rushed to the “fireman” and beat him. The police found a body part in a bag during the search.

In his refrigerator, he has three heads, including the head of Louis Ajman. The Abesim police also handed him over to the Bono Regional Police Command for further investigation. The three human heads and the body of Louis Agyemang Junior have been stored at Best Care Morgue in Mantukwa, Sunyani West City.

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