NDC hospital project has been shelved for more than 5 years-Mahama Former President John Dramani Mahama accused the government of abandoning the hospital project initiated by the Democratic National Congress (NDC) during his tenure.

According to him, in the past five years, NDC government-built hospitals in parts of the country have not been completed. “We are building hospitals in other areas,but they are also stagnant. In many places, the wind has blown from the roofs of buildings, and the fire has burned some buildings. It is sad to see such a thing,” he interviewed on GBC .

In Upper East Region , Bolgatanga He added that the second phase of the Bolgatanga Central Hospital in the Upper East Region has also stalled. “…We should let the team from Saudi Arabia complete so that we can use the first phase, and we have also scheduled the second phase that has stagnated for the past 5 years.”

The former president said that abandoning old projects to carry out new projects is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”As I said during the campaign, this is not my money. The money does not come from John Mahama’s pocket, but our money as a country. When it is wasted like this, I think it is unreasonable. “He says.

His statement was made after President Akufo Addo initiated and laid the foundation for the launch of the 111 Agenda Project, which will build 101 district hospitals, 6 regional hospitals and two new psychiatric hospitals across the country.

Mr. John Mahama said that building a hospital in the 111 agenda item to completely change the healthcare industry was an afterthought of the government. “Most Ghanaians are asking what we have done with the money. It seems that most of it is used for consumption, rather than providing the kind of infrastructure we need. They suddenly realized that we have to do some infrastructure in order to summon the 111 agenda. This is just an afterthought, he emphasized

In addition, he questioned the source of government funding for the hospital project. He added: It’s not transparent about how to get funding. All of this means that when we already have high debt hanging on the neck of the country, there will be more loans.

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