Unfortunately, last night marked the end of the journey for Ahafo region representative Akua after failing to accrete enough votes from the judges and the fans.

Before Akua left the stage, she dazzled the audience with the story of why the fishes in the Tano river are never eaten by the people. A story of selflessness, greed and mystical beings.

Many, many years ago, just after the great king, Nana Osei Tutu 1 had returned from war, he stood at divided his properties into two. And also divided the great Ashanti kingdom into two. That is the Ashanti region and the then Ashanti West, which is now the Ahafo region. After settling on the land, a great calamity befell our people. All our rivers and streams dried up. Our only source of water was the Almighty Tano river. But even that when we go fishing, we don’t even find any fish to catch for our homes.

Akua – Ahafo region

According to Akua, the people of Ahafo had a tradition of moulding their gold artefacts under the big sacred tree by the Tano River. She said that one day, as they went to mould their gold, the unexpected happened. The gold rolled into the Tano river and sunk deep. And when they went to retrieve it, they found out that there were fish in the Tano River. So they started fishing on the river.

“But one mysterious thing was that immediately your container became full, you would never have a catch again. But when a different person who had nothing to eat comes around, the person would be able to get something home. This prevents greed and selfishness. So a typical son of our land knows no greed and is very selfless.”

Akua – Ahafo region

Akua revealed that after some time, the people began to question the exchange. They wondered why they had to exchange their gold for mere fishes. After consulting the oracle, the people learnt that the fishes in the Tano river represented the soul of each person in the region.

“And that is why the people of Ahafo stop eating fish from the river,” she concluded.

After five weeks of entertainment and education from Akua, it’s sad to see her leave the stage and the GMB house