📌 Office of The Member of Parliament, Amenfi East

For Immediate Release

14th August 2021


The attention of the office of the Member of Parliament for Amenfi East as well as that of Amenfi East NDC has been drawn to a write-up said to have been issued by the Amenfi East NPP.

That write – up which is being circulated on social media platforms makes a weak attempt to cast a slur on the good works being engineered by Honorable Nicholas Amankwah.

Not only is the write-up a compendium of deceit but also a wreckless attempt to foment trouble in our peaceful constituency.

That ill-intended write-up should be treated with the utmost contempt by all well-meaning people of Amenfi East.

Ordinarily, such anti-development stunts would have been ignored as the sole desire of the MP is to bring prosperity to the good people of Amenfi East, but for the avoidance of doubt here is a response:

First, Honorable Nicholas Amankwah wishes to state unequivocally that the views of Samuel Ayitey are entirely his and in no way reflect that of the MP.
That, Samuel Ayitey is not a member of the Amenfi East NDC Communications Bureau.

Honorable Nicholas Amankwah has not, on any occasion, take the credit for the ongoing construction of the Astroturf at Wassa Akropong.
Indeed on becoming the MP, Honorable Nicholas Amankwah has taken a keen interest in all ongoing projects in the constituency, as will any well-meaning MP do.

For some time now and as many will be aware, works on the Wassa Akropong Astroturf have stalled.
Therefore, the MP contacted the contractor to find out what was causing the hiccup for him to see how best whatever challenge there is can be addressed.

The contractor told the MP two things;
That he was working on a similar project and will resume work on the one at Wassa Akropong once he was done.
That accommodation for his workers was also a challenge.

Honorable Nicholas Amankwah then promised to provide accommodation for his workers, a promise he subsequently honored.
The contractor and his team came to Amenfi East on Friday, July 23, 2021, around 10 pm and were offered a two – weeks stay at the Philip Hotel at the behest of the MP.
They were later duly accommodated in a rented two-bedroom apartment, again at the instance of the MP.

Attached is an audio recording of an interview the contractor granted Rivers FM where he confirmed the selfless efforts of the MP.

Link to the interview > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-EapTeciY55b4rvM6yhihf2Cz5OqXDE6/view?usp=drivesdk


Honorable Nicholas Amankwah wishes to state that the Astroturf in Wassa Akropong, when completed, will not be used by either member of the NDC or NPP but by all people of Amenfi East, including when appropriate people from outside the constituency.

Therefore it will be instructive for everyone to support the efforts being made and do away with anything that will be a drawback to the project.

Signed by:
Justice Agyeman
Office of the Member of Parliament

Issued by:
Thomas Dindiego
Communication Officer, NDC Amenfi East

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