Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin stated that under the leadership of the AkufoAddo government, undisputed democracy is possible, but some intervention saved it.

He expressed concern about the monetization of Ghana’s political system and called for review of such political behavior. Babin also mentioned that if it were not for other interventions, considering the number of legislators owned by the majority and the minority, the power sharing he described would occur in the current givernment. “…Shared power, also known as coalition, is a place where the president will have a minority. Although it has not happened in Ghana, but all of our colleagues here know it is possible.

In fact, if it weren’t for other interventions, this would happen in this government, Babin told a delegation at a meeting between the Ghanaian parliamentary leadership and the Ethiopian parliamentary delegation on Wednesday, August 12, 2021. He noted. He continued: “They will have a minority of the president in Parliament. Their secretary general even announced this, but he made some moves at the last minute and some seats were removed.

This is a statement of fact,” when the Ethiopian delegation asked about the parliamentary system. from Ghana, he emphasized. Bagbin is one of the longest-serving legislators and also revealed that the majority in parliament is not always correct.

According to the spokesperson, he plays a fair role in the legislative office for the benefit of the country. “The president called me to discuss, but we agreed to disagree. I went to say this, the president said no, he said this and I said no. We agreed or disagreed. We would not argue about that, because fighting is not the solution to the problem Plan, “Babin added.

The speaker emphasized that after disagreeing with the president, they will only go back to the Ghanaians to decide what the problem is, because in the final analysis, this must be in the interest of the country. “We just go back to the people and let the people decide. And it’s not always the right of most people. He pointed out that a lot of times most people make catastrophic mistakes.”

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