Rwanda is the fastest developing African country after it experienced the deadly genocide in 1994. To step fast the economic growth of the country, they invested hugely in Tourism. The most attractive Tourists site in Rwanda now is the mountain gorilla located in the volcanoes national park.

Mountain gorilla in the Volcanoes National Park is Without a doubt, the first thing to do in Rwanda is to hike gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park. This national park in Rwanda borders Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is home to a growing number of endangered mountain gorillas.

Experts estimate that there are approximately 600 gorillas in the park, a significant increase from the approximately 240,250 in 1981. To visit one of the 18 mountain gorilla families that have become accustomed to humans, you will need to obtain one of a limited number of daily trekking permits for $ 1,500. The easiest way is through a reputable travel agency, they can also arrange transportation from Kigali to the park headquarters.


The trekking experience usually lasts four to eight hours, most of which is walking in mysterious bamboo forests, wild meadows and swamp areas. The National Park Service’s guide will eventually take you to a gorilla family that you are used to. You will spend an hour watching these creatures eat, take care of babies and interact.

Hiking gorillas in Rwanda is largely considered a safe activity. Most gorillas are indifferent to human visitors. The armed tour guide uses a lot of clicks to communicate with the gorillas to keep tourists away from potential dangersand make the experience unforgettable.

There are porters at the bottom of the Volcano National Parktrail. It is worth hiring someone for a day-they will help you carry your luggage and help you avoid slipping on the muddy road. Do you want to learn more about mountain gorillas? After the trekking expedition, proceed to the Dean Fossey Gorilla Fund International in the nearby town of Musanze. It contains a small but sturdy museum about mountain gorillas and conservationist Dian Fossey, whose efforts to protect gorillas are famous for the 1988 TV series”Gorilla in the Mist.”

Pictures from the volcanoes national park.