Don’t let the fear of starting over to trap you in a toxic relationship! My friend said she doesn’t want to leave a toxic relationship because she doesn’t want to start over.

Ada is a respectful girl who gave her dear heart to a man who promised to marry her. The relationship was moving on smoothly in ththe beginning. This gentleman is called Frank .


Frank is a teacher by profession and also the only son to his parents. After he settled with Ada, it sounds great news to his parents. Ada, who everyone knows her good she is, although her bride price has not been paid yet she does everything as if she’s a married woman.

Who don’t doesn’t like a golden woman? Frank started cheating on Ada, he later included beatings . Ada, irrespective of wherever happens to her in the relationship,she remains calm and respectful.

The good news here is that she got pregnant for Frank. Guess what, Frank has refused to accept the pregnancy. He later increased the maltreatment hoping that Ada will fed up and leave. Ada holds on to her breath.

One Saturday afternoon as Ada was walking around the neighborhood and saw Frank with another woman in a drinking kissing and hugging each other. Ada approached him and to her greatest surprise, it turned to fight. Frank who was drunk, knocked her down. Unfortunately, Ada had a head injury with blood flowing out her head. She was rushed o the hospital but couldn’t survive. Ada is


Sometimes it is worth running out of a toxic relationship in other to be safe than preaching love to die. It is worth gold to start a new relationship than to die in the name of love. Take this piece of advice and stay safe in your relationship.