A few days ago, we reported that a young woman caused a heart attack on social media after threatening to postthe names and photos of 100 HIV-infected men. A young woman named Ruth James caused fear and panic on social media after realizing that shewas about to humiliate all the men she had slept with. She wrote: “I want to expose everyone who has HIV, Itugona. Chuo 100 mar facebook dwa the gi pressure“. Although this lady appears to be joking, she has posted photos and names of men she dated and infected with HIV to her more than 40,000 followers.

We thought the lady was acting, it could be expensive. We do not know how serious and painful she promised to drag those men into the water. But we were wrong. Not all the photos weree published, but by all indications, Ruth James is about to cause serious problems for some people and destroy the houses of others. I mean, if they find out that they are infected with HIV by this lady, how many people can bear it.