Ali Teye Michael Is a Ghanaian professional nurse and a blogger . He’s known in the entertainment industry as ATM BLOGGER and the C.E.O of

ATM Blogger has been doing professional work in the industry to help new but talented individuals to gain access to the main stream. He’s one of the trusted we have in Africa when it comes to decent blogging.

Contact us on +233541346716

Growing up as a young blogger, he made a great pledge to use his blogging career to change the life of people and to have an impact on society as a whole. Sticking to this promise, he took his time and study digital marketing and other related programs.

The motivational spirit about this blogger is that, he actually depends on God and he’s hardworking. Having a blogger like kobby kyei news as a role model will surely give him the magnificent strength and knowledge he needs as a blogger. Expect nothing but the best.

Should in case you want to know much about service and skills he has been equipped with, then keep following him here. However, these are the few services available that I can share with you.

  • Social Media Marketing/boosting
  • Youtube monetization ( subscription & watch hours)
  • Website Design
  • Digital Music Distribution
  • Music promotion / hyping

In case you need any of these services, kindly WhatsApp him through this line across the globe, +233541346716