Today, I would like to thank Ghana registered nurses and midwives association for the warm support l received from them.

My name is Michael, a nurse ,currently working at Dunkwa offin municipal hospital in the central region of ghana. On the 26th of November 2020, I encountered a fire outbreak in my house which led to total loss of belonging. This fire incident has caused me a huge loss. I have to start life again, where to start from has become a challenge. Take a look at the slide below.

As a member of this noble association, I wrote to the President of the association (GRNMA) to inform her about my incident through my District chairman and the Regional Secretary, Mr Alfred Addy . The process went well and I have been given a cheque to support my financial crisis. This has reduced a lot of pressure on me.

I would like to use this channel to inform any nurse or midwife out there to join Ghana registered nurses and midwives association to enjoy assistance or support in times of need. I know people may seem to have doubts about the association , well, I used to be one of those people until I received the cheque from the association through the central regional Secretary of the GRNMA.

Some people have a couple of questions about the association. With my experience, l would like to share with you some answers to your questions better still, seek clarification from your District Board.

Questions : who qualifies to be a member of GRNMA?

Answer : All nurses and midwives in the country.

Question : What are some of the support a member can get?

Answer: medical support, funeral support, an incident like fire outbreak, loan support, and many more benefits are available.

Question: How to Apply for a support from GRNMA.

Answer: whenever you encounter above mentioned challenges, kindly write to the president of the association through your municipal or district chairman or secretary with proves. Make sure you attach confirmatory letter from your medical superintendent to step fast the process.

Question: How long will it take to receive support from the association?

Answer: It’s quite short but normally it depends on when you will submit your documents. The Association board meets every quarter( 3 months) of the year to verdict all applications. It will be advisable to submit it early and be doing a follow-up.

My warm appreciation goes to Ghana registered nurses and midwives association executive board and my regional Secretary Mr. Alfred Addy. Finally my big brother Mr. Boahen Kwasi Bright ( GRNMA agoogo)

Thanks for reading. Kindly share to inform other health workers about #GRNMA.