The government of Ghana has the responsibility to ensure that, civil workers do have what ever they need to deliver good service to the nation. Before a civil worker would deliver good service to his or her people, he or she values the condition of service.

Given this, the only conditions of service which works in Ghana is the annual salary increment. The previous government raised the annual salary increment rate to 10%. However, the current government headed by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah has reduced the rate from the 10% to 4% after civil servants demanded salary increment. The government reason for the 4% salary increment is based on the covid-19 pandemic effect on the economy.

This graph gives you the salary increment rate from a civil servant to the President of the Republic of Ghana

The question here is that “can’t the graph change in a fair manner?”. If in a covid-19 era a president salary can be increased by 79%, why can’t they do justice to increase the civil servant’s salary as demanded (15%), rather the government has deliberately decreased the civil servant salary to 4%.

This action of the ruling government can affect service delivery in the country. I sat down and thought about this action for a while and realize that this will affect the citizens who are in one way or another receiving service from these service providers. In the scope of the teaching field, this would affect the academic performance of the students.

The hospital field would also affect patients and their relatives.

I will like to conclude that, this action of the Nana Addo government will somehow affect the country’s productivity and the future generation.