Many people with hypertension have been searching for the best treatment across the board but no solution is available for them . All the medication given at the hospital are to moderate the conditions not necessarily curing it. 

After reading this article, your problems will be solved …


what is hypertension?

This is a disorder marked by the intermittent or sustained elevation of the diastolic or systolic blood pressure of  90mmHg or more and 140 mmHg or more respectively.

Hypertension is also called High blood pressure , refers to blood pushing against the walls of  the arteries with chronically elevated force.Blood pressure that raise above the normals and remains high can lead to serious health problems including heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney failure as well as other health problems. The best way is to prevent it..l will take you through how hypertension happens and how to prevent it.


–primary Hypertension ( enssential ), most common 90% to 95% of cases .

–Secondary Hypertension, this may be   as a result from renal diseases, or any identifiable cause.



CAUSES OF PRIMARY HYPERTENSION: the cause of this type of hypertension is unknown but can be caused by the following predisposing factors

-HEREDITY ( FAMILY HISTORY) ,. primary hypertension is  as  a result of family history which normally move from generation to generations. which means that ,you may have any of your family members who has experienced hypertension before. you are likely to get hypertension.

– AGING ,  as you are getting old , your blood vessels become weak ,thinning and narrow which makes blood to move by pressure within narrow arteries which cause the heart crisis.

-OBESITY,. people who are obesed are likely to have hypertension because there is a high rate of  fatty tissues in their body and this fat have access to the blood stream to cause blockages in the blood vessel. This cause the blood to move under pressure and caused heart crisis.

– SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE,.: Living a sedentary life will leads to hypertension , these include chronic alcohol intake, smoking , excessive coffee intake, Eating plenty bush meat  which contains much of saturated fat and intake of high sodium ( salt). All of this life style leads to high blood pressure.

Note: cholesterol is also derives from bush meat and egg ., too much of this will block the blood vessels and it will leads to hypertension.

-LACK OF EXERCISE:,  people who don’t do exercise are likely to get hypertension because there will be a lot of fat and cholesterol in the blood which couldn’t burned by metabolism . But people who usually like exercise boast their metabolism rate by burning excess cholesterol and fat from the body.


-INTAKE OF ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE :, some women usually takes contraceptive orally after sex to prevent pregnancy but they don’t really know the side effect on them , oral contraceptive will cause hypertension in their old age. on the other hand , some men takes some drugs to boast their strength during sex , it also caused hypertension.
CAUSES OF SECONDARY HYPERTENSION:, this type of hypertension is really occur as a result of a disease such as

– Renal paenchymal disease

– pheochromocytoma

-primary hyperaldesteronism

– Cushing’s syndrome

– Diabetes mellitus

– Dysfunction of the thyroid pituitary

– pregnancy

-Headache in the occipital region ( back of the head)

– Dizziness


– Fatigue/ weakness

– impotent in men 

– Epistasxis ( bleeding from the nose)

– Blurred vision

– Haematuria ( blood in urine) 

– Chest pain ( Angina)


– peripheral oedema 

– persistent high BP greater than 140/90 mmHg

– proteinurea

– Retinal bleeding. 

– cardiovascular Accident / stroke

– Coronary artery disease

– Myocardial infarction

– Angina ( chest pain) 

– Heart failure

– Arrhythmias

– cerebral infarction

– Hypertension encephalopathy

– Blindness

– Renal failure. 



 Hypertension  is manage in different forms but the best is nutritional management.

The recommended nutritional supplement is TIENS nutritional supplement which include 

– Beneficial capsule

– Lecithin + calcium

-Grape vine extract

-slimming tea ( for the obesed people with hypertension)


-Restrict fat intake to prevent atherosclerosis ( harding of arteries as a result of fat blockages in the blood vessels),  Vegetable oil or fats should be used in moderation whilst animal fat should be restricted or avoided if possible.

– Restrict / limit salt intake-,:sodium caused water retention thereby increasing the circulating blood volume leading to further increase in blood pressure.

-Smoking and chewing of tobacco should be restricted/ prohibited.

– Reduce alcohol intake 

– Daily calories intake of 20kcals/kg of the body weight is recommended, however obese patients should reduce caloric intake to help in weight reduction.

– protein and carbohydrate intake should be consumed as specified in balance diet.
In the management of hypertension, it is recommended that the daily intake of sodium( salted)  is limited. A very low salt / sodium diet should be prescribed. Maggie cube  and salt should be avoided if sodium intake should be reduced.

patients must be educated and handled with patience since such diet ( salt free diet) are normally difficult to be eaten by the patients due to it unpalatability. Hypertensive patients must strictly adhere to low fat diet especially when the caused of the hypertension is established to be  associated with atherosclerosis. The consumption of highly saturated fats and cholesterol should be minimized  or completely eliminated from the diet.



– Use skimmed or powdered milk when necessary

– Avoid fried meat , including fried eggs.

– select lean meat and fish for meal , limit becon and high-fat ground meat.

-use jam on bread instead of  butter or margarine.

-use liquid vegetables oil instead of solid fat oil

– Eat less energy dense food , especially ones with fat content.

– Eat more food rich in fibre e.g, Fruits, vegetables and whole grain products  ( maize ,rice).

– Drink less alcohol  or avoid alcohol consumption

– increase your physical activities such as walking, doing household activities, going for regular exercise etc. 

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